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Why the Memorial Service Matters

The death of a loved one is very painful, and sometimes that pain can feel almost unbearable. Perhaps because of this, people sometimes want to rush past their grief, skipping the memorial service in an attempt to get on with life.

In truth, there is really no getting around grief, and a memorial service can be an important part of the healing process.

Having a memorial service honors your loved one in a wonderful way, and services can be customized to reflect a person's unique life. Mementos representing the work, hobbies, interests and passions that made that life unique can be featured, and the service can be full of music, readings and other things that were meaningful to the person who has died. Special features such as a dove release or video tribute can add significance.

Another important part of the memorial service is the way it helps people connect. Friends and loved ones gather, telling stories and sharing memories, and this shared experience helps promote healing. Connections are made, bonds are strengthened and those who loved the person who has died find not only comfort but also closure. They may even find that they can lean on each other in the future.

Sometimes, during the stressful time that follows a loss, a funeral or memorial service may seem too difficult to even consider. That's why it's a good idea to preplan for your own memorial service. When you preplan, you can create a memorial that perfectly reflects your interests and personality, in the way you wish to be remembered. It can be full of tradition and ritual or joyous with celebration and song. You get to decide how the service is conducted, who speaks, which readings and songs are chosen, where you are laid to rest and much more.

At Moss Feaster Funeral Home and Cremation Services, we believe in the importance of memorializing a life well lived. Whether you're planning ahead or want to honor your loved one, we can help you plan a memorial service that's perfectly suited to the unique life that was lived. We can even send you a preplanning guide to help you talk about your options with family members. Call us at (727) 287-6509 or visit our website for more information.

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